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Ladies use Men as their Sex Slaves, just for their Fun and for their Pleasure Come in and watch
these Slaves wow they get used, milked and fucked by Toys and Machines, monitored by there Ladies.
Download to own over 5 hours high resolution Video Clips, Regular Updates!

Pain for my Fun

Thsi was wat you want. To be my Sex Play toy. To be used for my Fun. Now you sit there on the chair with the cool Steel in your smal dick... and yes now comes the electricity... so have fun with the pain for my amusement. 

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Pump it out!

I real love the private Sessions with my 24/7 Sex Slave and that i can surprise him from time to time so much. So this poor Men have a real small dick. Not more then 5 cm, normally he must live his life for me in chastity but today i must try something very sadistic and very special with him and his small dick. The Vibrating Pump! So I go on and make my small cook looser completely crazy. I sit on his face so he can smell my pussy Jucy and take him his air. I know what effect this have to his horniness... Hehehe.. So now my Play Toy is ready to come and shot his load in this nice pump, just from the unbelievable hard vibrating without any touching.. but i have other planes with him... hahaha  

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Madame Gillette - Milked and Orgasm Denial

What a nasty situation for my Play Toy. It is strictly forbidden to Cum and shod the load. If he do, the punishment for him is 4 weeks looked up in a chastity device. Well the best way to test him is the milking machine. What a fun for me to watch how he fight against his orgasm 

Laufzeit  ca. 11 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (720*576)

Fucked for my Fun and No Relase

MR. Big Balls is back. After having his small dick locked up 4 weeks for me in this XXS Chastity Device he is hornier than he has ever before in his life. So Today I want to play a very sadistic Game with him. First he must be degraded by wearing some nice high heels for me then he gets a Mask from me which makes him completely blind and at the end he must follow me dragged by the leash to my Dungeon. What he can not see is the nice fucking Machine waiting for him and his tight ass-hole there. So I check the money he must pay me for his release and tight him up at the Punishment Chair with the promise that he will get a nice Orgasm there. But So Sorry... when he realized what is my plan with him it is too late. Helplessly tight up he must endure a good fucking by the Machine for my amusement while I smoke a Cigarette and enjoy a glass of champagne. What a funny Evening for me and what a degradation for my Sex Slave 

Laufzeit  ca. 14 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (720*576)

2 Ladies and 1 Toy

Totally Committed!!! You want to be the absolute Playtoy, anal pluged, gagged, helpless fixed and totally committed to the sadistic treatment from 2 Ladies... here you are! Your Tripp into orgasm control Fantasy for hours is starting right here... Lets Milk!!!  

Laufzeit  ca. 14 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (720*576)

Top of Sadism

This is the Top of Sadism; after 2 weeks locked in chastity devise I release my slave and unlock him. I plug his asshole, tease his sensitive nipples and wank his dick. Now it is Time that I grant him a special favor: The Milking Machine. This treatment wakes up such horny feeling that he is getting mad and and badly wants to shoot his load, ...but this is my game and he is my slave... and I wish to see him horny with filled up balls two more weeks. So to his ultimate distress I stop milking him a second before he comes and lock his dick back in this nice chastity steel device. Bye Bye, come by in 2 weeks again!!!  

Laufzeit  ca. 15 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (768*576)

Pump up that Dick and Milk it...

First i pump up my slaves Dick to the maximum until he wants to exploded then i start a very painfully and slowly Milking session with him. What a nice Play Toy!First i pump up my slaves Dick to the max until he wants to exploed then i start a very painfull and slowley Milking session with him. What a nice Play Toy! 

Laufzeit  ca. 22 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (768*576)

My Fucktoy

I fuck my slave harder then ever in 3 differnt positions, oh what a nice moaning he can produce ... But that's nothing compared to the final that awaits him. This is indeed quite exhausting to fuck him that way... So the lady needs a cigarette break, and gives her Job to the Fuckingmachine ... What are you whining and complaining about ? Your asshole hurts???, Well you're the asshole and the machine can fuck you the whole night!  

Laufzeit  ca. 11 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (768*576)

The Live Chat

This is virtual reality Sex at its finest. You can see Lady Lara at a special Web Cam Session. She is sitting with her naked ass and pussy on the slaves face while he get fucked total helpless tight up by a machine in his ass. The Chatter’s can pay to watch the show and are allowed to give wishes and commands what Lara shod do with the poor slave. So this slave is really used as a play toy….  

Laufzeit  ca. 16 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

A new Toy

...let us see how hard we get this small Dick. First i treat him with a Pinwheel then i use the Vacuum Pump... how nice my Slave can whimmer...  

Laufzeit  ca. 12 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (768*576)

Just for my Fun

Today i have a very special treatment for my Playtoy. I fix him on the Punishment Rack and place the fucking Machine direct in front of his asshole. As the slave realized what comes next it is to late for him to escape. So it is anal punishment time for him. It makes me so much fun to hear him moaning and groaning as I start to wank his dick and allow him to kiss my nipples while the machine fucks him merciless in his ass. 

Laufzeit  ca. 12 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (720*576)

The Milking Machine

so let us see how long you can stand the Milking Machine for me without having an orgasm... When you shood your load without my premison you get 4 Weeks in a Chastity belt without any chance of relase. 

Laufzeit  ca. 17 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (768*576)

A Pussy for my horney Slave


Laufzeit  ca. 12 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (768*576)

5 Minutes Time

I am playing a very nasty game with my t-girl Slut Chantal, she has 5 minutes to lick me and bring me to a wonderful orgasm, otherwise she will be punished...Tick Tock...the time is ticking and the Slut is doing her best, but in the end she looses. So she must take place on the fuckingmachine and I start to whip her while she gets mercilessly fucked in the same time . What she didn't know is that I actually had my orgasm as she licked me but I punish her just for my fun. 

Laufzeit  ca. 10 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (768*576)

Punishment for the Cat

Playtoy Nr. 9 ridiculously dressed in a Catsuit must take place on the Fucking Machine chair. Totally helpless fixed he must drink my NS over the mouth gag. Then I start to play with his little pierced prick. 

Laufzeit  ca. 10 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

Eat your own Cum

This is the way i treat my play toy if he don't do what i want. Helpless hanging in the middle of the room, i shove a very big Plug in his ass hole, play painfully with his sensitive nipples and start to jerk him off. No Escape for him and at the end he must eat his own cum! 

Laufzeit  ca. 17 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (768*576)

A Sadistic Game (Part2)

In part 2 my fucked toy is constantly irritated, I place my most intimate scent right in front of its nose ... inhale nicely and deeply ... oh you get no air ... But for what Play Toys need air? ... and I jerk you good and the toy will come. Well this game is only for my fun! You will just be used! 

Laufzeit  ca. 11 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

Fucked and Jerked Off

Were allowed to play on two Playtoys to compete today in the studio. Playtoy No 1 is by Victoria Valente directly brought to the fucking machine. But before you start, it must thoroughly lick their divine mistress latex backside while she deals with the best piece of the game and it makes it even more horny. Sitting comfortably on the Playtoy Nr2 time has come to warm up the machine to expand our funny journey. 

Laufzeit  ca. 10 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

The Chair (Part2)

Totally defenseless, with bound eggs sitting still sitting on the fucking machine, my Playtoy gets a catheter from me. Sadistic as I am i gagged it and it must drink then to my amusement, his own NS. Finally still treated by the catheter and deeply fucked in the ass it comes to a truly painful orgasm. (Ouch) The punishment of this day will probably not be quickly forgotten. 

Laufzeit  ca. 10 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

A Sadistic Game (Part1)

My Play Toy told me that it like Anal fucking with a women so much! Well now it gets "Anal" and that at the same time, and quite right fierce. But "Hello, " I was pleased thieving as whining and begging, has everything except what is not this machine. Well my little toy, now everybody can see what a fucked Ass Pussy you are. 

Laufzeit  ca. 10 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

1h Basic Training

Today we want to improve the condition of my play toy. So let's place the toy on the Punishment Bike . Trully horrified to see the whips and paddles where would be the rear wheel stands? Well, to my entertainment, it is now economically tied to tail and connected with nasty alligator clips for 30 minutes on the cycle ... How it feel? Its ass hurts after 5 minutes... because the paddles and whips up "pet" went stupid ... you now have another 30 minutes longer punishment for my pleasure! 

Laufzeit  ca. 11 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

My 24/7 Playtoy Part2

"Seven" is locked in his chastity device when I start to strongly jerk him while he get severly fucked by the machine in the mean time. Then my Playtoy runs out of luck. Too bad as I'm not ready yet. Despite its honiness long gone, the merciless fucking machine keeps going on and on... What a nasty game!. 

Laufzeit  ca. 16 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

The Chair (Part2)

After my last StrapOn Fuck my completely useless Play Toy has failed so much therefore its time for extreme punishment for the whole day. I place the toy on the torture chair with the fucking machine up its ass. Let's see if we can stretch the hole for my satisfaction. Toys should be tested very thoroughly as it possibly is despite its moaning and begging. I definitely have some Fun! 

Laufzeit  ca. 10 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

Only for My Fun

An amazing and hot clip with my horny play toy on the fucking machine. Watch how it is fucked only for my fun with no mercy at all - its legs are spread widely and the fat black rubber cock pounds his asshole. Like always, I can’t keep myself from jerking his hard cock and to dedicate myself to working on his nipples. This time again, he is not allowed to cum…  

Laufzeit  ca. 9 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

Full Service

Helplessly tied up to the Fucking Machine T-Girl slut Chantal has the honor to pleasure his Mistress with his tongue. During 10 full minutes Chantal has to endure the machine from his Mistress which moves deeper and faster. Imprisoned in the basement his nipples are mercilessly t. while his irritated clitoris grew bigger. A very, very wicked game 

Laufzeit  ca. 11 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

Ultimate Cruel Treatment Part 2

In the 2nd part of it Session for Alexas Playtoy it comes in the truest sense of the word "stick Dick. Absolutely helplessly bound it is fucked from a spectacular fuck-machine without mercy. Facesitting and Nipple Play follows ... and then the electrical stimulation device is used ... As a small reward it is allowed to drink the precious NS of his goddess while She plays with a vibrator to to its ultimate Orgasm. 

Laufzeit  ca. 11 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

My 24/7 Playtoy Part1

My personal 24 / 7 Playtoy "seven" has to wear the unconfortable red chastity devise for Me since the previous month.. What it even hate more than the spikes in the chastity device which he feels every morning is an Anal Treatment. Well yes it is here for my pleasure only, it is supposed to suffer for me. The first part is the installation on the fucking machine and a very nasty Teasing of its caged dick ... to be continued. 

Laufzeit  ca. 16 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

Power for the Dick

Look how my Playtoy is fucked mercilessly while I smack it with a paddle and cane. My game engine is therefore not yet over. Electricity power on its dick, nuts and nipples round out the game. What a divine sight as I see my wimpering toys slobbering when the tail of the blowing machine fucking makes his ass ripped open. 

Laufzeit  ca. 13 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

The Box

Completely helpless and blind, I stretched my Playtoy on the fucking machine. It should lose 5 kg and shave his dick and body for me until completely smooth. But it has ignored his duty ... What an ungrateful bad toy it is . It is right now violently fucked to my amusement... and as a bonus the little tail still get to feel my painful whip. Oh how amusing to hear its screams and moans when it can not see when the whip will crack. Poor toy may suffer for me. 

Laufzeit  ca. 13 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)

Ultimate Cruel Treatment Part 1

A real kinky clip with my consent Play Toy on the fucking machine! See how with wide spread legs it mercilessly is fucked with a thick black rubber cock for my enjoyment! Of Couse I have the fun and play with his nipples. 

Laufzeit  ca. 12 Min Format WMV Video Auflösung (512*288)


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